About SKB

Who is Shahid?

Shahid is an American convert to Islam, a husband and father, a former Islamic lecturer and published writer.
As a young adult, Shahid was active in social work, committed to helping indigent families in his native Boulder, Colorado and to guiding inner-city youth out of gangs and violence in Denver.

After his conversion to Islam, Shahid turned to writing and speaking, focusing on subjects like American foreign policy, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and broader socio economic issues in the Muslim world. 
He has been an invited speaker in the US and UK and was formally a regular panelist on an Islamic radio news programs in the US.

He moved to the UAE in 2003, opened an internet cafe and maintained a popular news commentary blog called “Cafe Bathos” up until the tragic events of June 2006.

While in prison Shahid has deepened his study of Islam and memorization of Qur’an and had organized and taught classes for inmates on Tafseer and Fiqh and Hadeeth, the Prophet’s biography and comparative religion as well as an English course for beginners. He also helped to establish a prisoner newsletter to which he is a regular contributor.


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